If you Google military children you will come across Ashlee Cowles’s blog and a poster telling you that April in the US is the month of appreciation for the Military Child. Is there an equivalent in Britain? I’ve never heard of one but surely there ought to be. After all these children didn’t actually sign up to live a military life, they are not soldiers, and many of them may well grow up to be civilians, all the kids in our family did !  Love and respect to all children living in military families this month.

2 thoughts on “April

  1. Thanks for the mention! It would be great to see a similar appreciation month for military kids in the UK! I also wonder if there are any collaboration efforts for both American and British children who are part of military families…after all, there are many American kids living on U.S. military bases in the U.K. (e.g. Lakenheath, Alconbury), so it would be interesting to see if there are ever “meet up” opportunities for these military “brats” to get together and share their experiences.

    • That’s an interesting idea! It would be very nice to think they are getting opportunities like that, we would have liked it very much. We were friends with some Canadian children whose Dad was attached to our regiment in Germany but the only collaborative event I ever heard of was an International Scout Jamboree that my brothers went to one summer.

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