The Lovely Leaning Tower

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It doesn’t matter how many tourists visit it and how much of a cliche it may be, the leaning tower of Pisa is still a stunning building. After a week with the sombre palette of the Tuscan hill towns, it was easy to see why they named this transcendent, shining white place the Piazza dei Miracoli.


September in the Shamba

DSCN3086Whenever I am working in the summer garden I feel close to Kenya but particularly in the vegetable garden which, since my revisit, I have taken to calling a shamba  (Swahili for smallholding). This summer’s lovely warm weather and bumper crops: tangled arches of beans, romping pumpkins and a greenhouse full of tomatoes and marigolds remind me of the lovely  garden we had in Kenya.



With two seasons, the perfect climate and masses of insects to pollinate everything, we were well provided with food: potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, beans and one year a huge number of lettuces. There were so many that Dad sold most of them to his friend Canti at Naivasha stores in Gilgil and we felt like farmers.


There were a lot of flowers too, Kevin and I did our bit with the giant sunflowers we grew for the school project, it seemed impossible that such a massive plant came from a single seed.

And Dad grew his favourites; the African violets, pelargoniums, sweet william and sweetpeas. We had so many sweetpeas one season, that he gave me an enormous bunch to take to my teacher. I will never forget their heavenly scent and smudgy lilac and sugar pink hues and the feeling of celebration as I proudly walked to school.

September’s Interview on Nomad Sprogg

The monthly interview for September is with fellow blogger Tania. Her family travelled widely because her father was a diplomat. They lived in Switzerland, France, Denmark, Kuwait, Nigeria, Sudan and the UK. Visit Tania’s blog at (