Knitted Graffiti – Yarn Bombs

Stunning examples of women’s textile sculpture and peace activism! Thank you Frizztext for sending me the link.

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More and more we can find in our urban jungles a female movement called “yarn bombing” — a graffiti version that uses yarn / wool: standing sculptures and moving cars, standing lamps and moving bicycles now have a new outfit: dressing objects with a glimpse of warm, female humor some women are acting vs. a cold world. The following 6 photos below were kindly sent to my group BLOG IT. Click on the pictures to enter the various galleries of the different photographers at
2010 Wide Open Space tree
title=”2010 Wide Open Space tree” by Schonkala
Soho Boho Tricot
title=”Soho Boho Tricot” by marineavoile
happy new year
title=”happy new year” by blick.kontakt – fotoristin
Knit graffiti
title=”Knit graffiti” by Queenie & the Dew
knit-up - 25
title=”knit-up – 25″ by joy-art
title=”Untitled” by amolho4
title=”Untitled” by amolho4

tank, knitted, Dresden:

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2 thoughts on “Knitted Graffiti – Yarn Bombs

  1. thank you for reblogging, indeed I like these knitting projects very much, because they have a political, maybe an anarchistic background… I’m a philosopher and can’t knit anything but my wife does; in our hometown some woman knitted some colorful clothes for a symbol of war, a black iron knight…

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