Wiltshire- Tidworth ( see below)

Tidworth may not be the most exciting place in the world and we only spent nine months here in between longer postings abroad but it was formative as it was “home”. I was already having trouble working out what that was supposed to mean but it was good to have some experience of living in England. We enjoyed simple things like visiting our  grandmother and watching television.

I remember the teachers in the Tidworth primary school we attended being very kind and helpful to us, they were used to us Army kids appearing and disappearing. Having just spent three years in Kenya we really noticed the cold that winter, which was one of the coldest on record. The house only had an open fire downstairs and wall mounted electric fire in the bedrooms. I got dressed in bed while I waited for the fire to warm the room up and would often warm my knee socks on the fireguard.This dodgy practice was stopped after I  scorched them really badly one morning and to stop me doing it again I had to wear them to school anyway, luckily they were brown wool:)  I revisited in February to get the authentic Tidworth experience and it was true to form, Baltic, but with stunning cobalt blue skies as you can see.

tidworthetc 124

While we were there we visited nearby Stonehenge as we had never got round to it when we lived in Tidworth. The view of Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge from the motorway was awe inspiring!  Not because it’s big, it isn’t really, photography and TV have exaggerated it’s size so that it could have been a disappointment but it wasn’t. It still dominates Salisbury Plain as it has for thousands of years. Now that’s continuity !

tidworthetc 097

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