Have pedestrians in Holland got a bit of an image problem?


If this sign is anything to go by pedestrians in Holland don’t seem to be viewed in a very positive light. Or as Jon put it ” If you’ve got the strength to press this button you might be able to get across the road you poor thing”

It doesn’t seem to be very cool to walk in Holland, the coolest people are cycling. People look at you in amazement if you walk in the country, but that might be because you are usually avoiding bikes and cars and walking along a verge used by dog owners, which obviously wouldn’t matter if you were on a bike 🙂

 We use public transport and only drive at weekends or on holiday. We used to cycle and still support cyclists rights. All the same as a pedestrian I’m wary of cyclists in England and I was a lot more worried in Holland, not just in Amsterdam but in other parts of the country. Cyclists have their own routes but they also use the roads and the pedestrian paths and routinely ignore or disregard the pedestrian crosswalks. Astonishingly with so much freedom some still cycle through red lights! Worst of all are the scooter riders who use the same routes as cyclists.  We witnessed a scooter rider “brushing “ a boy on the adjoining footpath aside with her bike. It won’t stop us visiting Holland again but I don’t feel happy about it. 

With increased use of bikes in English cities maybe we need to think about a couple of things: 

Firstly, much of the push towards cycling comes from a green and health perspective, can I just say walking is green and healthy too.

Secondly, has the improvement in cyclists’ rights led ultimately to a further erosion of pedestrians rights?”  Because if so that’s not good.