Novice blogger- Six months review

I learned the hard way about copyrighting images when I found my post about architectural model making had been reblogged. No message, just a link. I found it on a tacky estate agent’s blog in Jogjakarta. They obviously wanted the images of the cute model houses but had got the whole post. All the text was in Malay except for me rambling on about living in Kent. It could not have meant anything to them. Hilarious, but also very annoying. And I kid you not, there were some dreadful looking properties on that site, they needed to trick the buyers somehow! But not at my expense. Thank goodness for the WordPress Trash button:)


Apart from that it’s been all good. I am delighted to be able to showcase the lives of other Nomad Sproggs in the monthly interview, not only are they interesting in their own right and very popular with viewers but they offer many insights into my life and the lives of family members.

Thanks very, very much to those of you who are following or liking my blog. I really appreciate your support and treasure every like or comment you have taken the time to write.

It’s been great to read and talk to other bloggers. Thanks very much to Tania, Ashlee Cowles, Tish Farrell, Greg Fallis and particularly Frizztext who advised me and others on how to create an archive and makes such concise and supportive comments, all in a second language. Full marks FT!

And not forgetting a big thank you and love to my photographer son Joe who inspired me and supported me in setting up the blog in the first place and my IT savvy daughters and husband for their input. I only occasionally get likes or comment from them on posts but I understand that’s the norm for bloggers, which saves me getting upset about it. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot, much of the language was new to me as well as the technology, but WordPress is helpful and intuitive so even a novice can pick things up as they go along. And I finally get hyperlinks. Yay!

So, steady and satisfying are the words I would choose to describe my progress as a blogger in the last six months. I have 29 very much appreciated followers and I’ve been viewed 850 times by people in 22 countries. I love being a blogger!