Food shopping abroad – Italy

italy shopping

Traveling while we were growing up meant that we came across a variety of foods in addition to the basic British fare in our NAAFI;  the samosa and curry spices from Canti’s stores in Kenya, wurst and frites with mayo in Germany and fresh brotchen every day from the mobile bakers, I‘ll never forget the wonderful smell of that bread!

We also had magical outings to the Canadian Forces supermarket in Soest where we first encountered hamburgers, corn relish, TV dinners (what a treat) and banana or apple and cinnamon cake mixes Dad then baked for us. Better than Instant Whip!

So although I like to eat out, my favourite thing is be self-catering, to shop for fresh food locally, in markets and small shops but often in the supermarkets.

The Coop in Pomerance was food heaven for me; the season’s first artichokes and broad beans, courgettes with the flowers intact, soft skinned and scented Sicilian lemons, organic mozzarella and ricotta, polenta with mushrooms, seemingly endless choices of dried and fresh pasta in different shapes and flavours; spinach, courgette and pea, pumpkin or artichoke. Jon went to explore the local wine section and having found a Montecastelli red from the village we could see from our window at Fattoria San Paolo, returned to find me still deliberating over pasta:)

At the hilltown of Libbiano we had a picnic of Taleggio, focaccia, tomatoes and fresh basil and then went for a walk in the Monterufoli Nature Reserve. Later that evening we cooked the artichokes, mushroom polenta and a borlotti bean dish with rosemary and olive oil from the farm. Delicious.

 italy dinner