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Hello and welcome to Nomad Sprogg!

This blog is part travel diary and part discussion forum. I’m interested in people who had a mobile background because I did and so did my parents. I was brought up in the British Army until I was fifteen.

As an adult I continued to make friends with people who moved around a lot in their childhood; some friends were Services kids or children whose parents had worked for international companies as managers, engineers, accountants, teachers or nurses. Some were immigrants or the children of immigrants or from families who had travelled a lot in their own country. The uniting factor, even with such variety of backgrounds, seemed to be the shared experience of how mobility affects our perceptions of places and people and how we all cope with change.

I’m mostly going to write about past and present travels. I’m more likely to talk about peace than war and I have things to say about the wonder of nature, human rights, art and music too. Every month or so I’ll include a short piece about someone with a similar Nomad background. Experiences are as individual as fingerprints so I hope you will enjoy reading about their lives.

It’s all interesting to me!


6 thoughts on “Home page

  1. Thanks for liking my post! As an American Army “brat,” I’m interested in learning more about what life was like growing up with parents in the British Army…how often did you all move around?

  2. Hello Ashlee, my Dad might have not been typical, he was in the REME,
    ( Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) so we were attached to different regiments at various points in their tours. We moved more frequently at the beginning of his career (9mths, 18mths) then had longer postings of 3 and 5 yrs later. How does this compare with your family’s experience?

  3. to get an archive automatically: make a new PAGE, write down there (using the edit/text-box) the word archives – put it into [ ] – it will work – look at mine: I’ve written only one word! archives – once more with other words: instead of () or instead of {} take the [] to make a fence around the word archives (in the TEXT, not Visual-box) – then save and have a preview: all your articles suddenly will appear!

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